Nevada Discovery Museum and Billinhurst Library Collaboration

Posted by Holly Esposito on 11/3/2017


Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum and Billinghurst Library Collaboration


It was all about dinosaurs in the Billinghurst Middle School library for the first quarter of the school year.  With “SUE” on display in Reno, the Billinghurst library partnered with the Discovery Museum so that students and their families could receive a discount for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  SUE is the largest, most complete T-Rex fossil ever found.  The fossil was purchased at auction by the Chicago Field Museum and two casts were made.  One cast is on permanent display in Disney World’s Animal Kingdom in Florida, and the other is currently on display in Reno!  At 40 feet long, 14 feet tall at the hip, and over 67 million years old, SUE is a sight to behold.  Billinghurst students and their families were encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to visit the museum and take a “selfie with SUE.”  Any student who submitted a selfie had their name entered into a drawing for a Virtual Reality headset complete with accessories and VR dinosaur cards.  Students also had the opportunity to check out dinosaur books from the Billinghurst library, including brand new books about SUE.  Dinosaur books aren’t very popular in middle school, so any student who checked out a book received a 1-inch, totally cheesy, plastic dinosaur toy (think Kindergarten here…).  Within the first two weeks of school, all 50 dinosaur books were in the hands of students.  Who knew plastic dino toys could be so popular with 13 year olds?!  Besides dinosaur books, the Billinghurst library also had a three foot dinosaur puzzle on display from the Learning Resource Center at UNR’s College of Education.  Students could check out a 4-D puzzle of a T-Rex and discover where scientists believe the internal organs of a T-Rex may have been located.  This puzzle is a challenge and took groups of students several lunch periods to complete.  Finally, students could play around on their own devices with Evo Dino, an augmented reality book that brings dinosaurs to life.  Using their smart phones and the free Evo Dino app, students watched dinosaurs walk, swim, or fly around the tables of the library while learning the global regions of each dinosaur and how each dinosaur moved, ate, and protected itself against predators.  The combination of print resources, digital resources, games, technology, and community outreach through the Billinghurst library provided an enriching learning experience for students and their families during our “Selfies with SUE” promotion.

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