Billinghurst Professional Development Resources

Posted by Holly Esposito on 5/10/2017

Professional Development


I recently purchased two books by Lynda Barry for the Billinghurst professional collection.  Barry writes about writing and teaching writing in a “smash book” format.  Her books not only provide ideas for teachers, but they are beautiful examples of what a smash book assignment or full smash-notebook can look like.  I introduced the books to teachers in all departments and the books have been checked out ever since.  In the photo is a science teacher’s smash book assignment for thermal energy, her student example, and the Lynda Barry books that inspired her to try something new.  When we, as teachers, require students to write, we all become writing teachers.  It’s the same when we require students to use technology and we suddenly become computer teachers!  Current and relevant professional resources that can be used across curriculums help teachers move beyond their comfort zones and give them confidence to try new things.   (Lynda Barry book titles:  Syllabus: Notes from an Accidental Professor and What It Is)