Billinghurst MS National Park Reading Promotion

Posted by Holly Esposito on 5/10/2017

With the removal of the American National Parks curriculum from the 6th grade science standards, I was concerned about the circulation of our National Parks fiction class sets.  So, I created a reading challenge for 6th graders only that piggy-backed on the Camp Read theme for this year’s Reading Week.  Any 6th grader who reads four National Park adventure books and passes four Accelerated Reader tests during the 4th quarter earns a prize.  Using Amy Hybarger’s (TL, Shaw Middle School) advice and research on badging incentive, 6th grade students who accepted the challenge created their own scout-style sashes.  When students check out a book, I provide an information sheet about the specific National Park.  When students finish the book and pass the AR test, they earn a merit badge sticker for the National Park that goes with their book.  I created the merit badge stickers using Avery products.  Prizes include Wild Waters day passes, Coconut Bowl day passes, Amazon gift cards, and Yogurt Beach gift cards.  Circulation of the books have soared, and students are learning about America’s National Parks at the same time.

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