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Second Step Educator Refresher Trainings

Middle School Teachers who will be teaching Second Step for the 24-25 School year, get your Second Step SEL curriculum training refresh for stipend pay! LIMITED SPACE.


Washoe Schools - Second Step

Educator Development Sessions

May 21st & May 23rd, or July 30th 2024

Exciting new changes are coming to Second Step Middle School! Second Step experts will walk you through new content available this summer, including a full new unit with improved graphics and instructional strategies. We’ll also cover tips for building student engagement and easily integrating SEL skills into your daily routine.

Whether you’re brand new to Second Step or a seasoned pro, you’ll come away from this session with knowledge, action items, and a plan to support student skills in the coming year.

Educator Development Session Topics

  • New Unit 2 preview 

  • Strategies for building student engagement

  • SEL integration and reinforcement

  • Action items to support a strong 24-25 school year

Sessions will be held on Tuesday, May 21st and Thursday, May 23rd. WCSD Middle School certified staff will be paid a stipend for attending this training.

Choose the time that best fits your schedule:


Zack Sherman Second Step Success Manager