Goal 4

  • To establish a system that is effective, efficient, transparent, and accountable by using meaningful structures and processes.
    Objective 4.1 — Ensure that operational systems, central services, and finances are integrated and aligned to best support the needs of students, teachers, staff, schools, and departments.
    • Develop significant ideas to create revenues or save expenditures (looking for million-dollar ideas)
    • Provide nutritious and customer-acceptable meals to support student health and achievement
    • Seek alternative sources of funding and grants to support the strategic plan and District priorities and initiatives with an emphasis on partnerships from traditional and nontraditional sectors (e.g., U.S. Department of Labor, business, and foundations)
    • Risk Management
    Objective 4.2 — Provide online access to information about educational, operational, and financial data to support District-wide decision making and accountability

    • Develop external and internal system wide transparency and data access to support District-wide decision making and accountability