Goal 1

To ensure annual student academic growth through a system of curriculum, instruction, and assessment that is aligned, rigorous, and relevant. Instruction will be designed to meet the needs of every child in our diverse student population.

Objective 1.1 — Provide rigorous and relevant curriculum, instruction, and assessment practice for all students
  • Implement Nevada Academic Content Standards which will align curriculum, instruction, and assessments
  • Restructure Gifted and Talented (GT) program in accordance with National Association of Gifted Children (NAGC) standards
  • Develop and implement restructuring plan for Special Education
Objective 1.2 — Close opportunity gaps through culturally competent practices, effective strategies, and multi-tiered systems of support to meet the needs of English Language Learner students, Special Education students, students impacted by poverty, and all racial/ethnic student groups

  • Develop a five-year English Language Learners Plan
Objective 1.3 — Strengthen teaching and learning through technology and 21st century instructional strategies
  • Empower teachers with 21st century instructional strategies
  • Elevate students’ readiness for college and careers through learning environments that develop 21st Century Competencies
Objective 1.4 — Provide access to relevant education data that helps the District make decisions about academics
  • Expand the scope and use of the Data Gallery and Business Intelligence Gateway to support schools and educators
Objective 1.5 — Reinforce the pathway to college- and career-readiness through an aligned pre K-16 system
  • Alternative education redesign
  • Expansion of Signature Academies
  •  Increase college preparedness
  • Continue to advocate for additional funding opportunities to increase the number of pre-kindergarten classrooms as well as individual student spaces with prioritization of high poverty, low performing schools