• Hug Hawks
  • Calling all Hawk Alumni!!!

    The current Hawks need your help.  Each year deserving Hug seniors will leave the nest unable to afford their first year of college.  With over two hundred and twenty seniors on track to graduate this year and only twenty or so scholarships available through our school, we face the very real possibility of being unable to reward many well deserving young men and women.  If you are a local business owner, merchant, or in a position to become a donor please contact Jason Aytes at Hug High School with any interest in creating a scholarship or donating to a current scholarship fund.  With your help we can ensure every deserving Hug graduate will have one less obstacle in front of them as they venture out of the nest!  Thank you.

    Jason Aytes-Scholarship Committee Chairperson
    (775) 321-3200, extension 31144