• Welcome to Drama and Leadership at Swope Middle School!

    Our classroom reflects the highest academic standards for learning.  Drama lessons are based on the Nevada Arts Standards for Theater and integrate the Nevada Academic Content Standards for English Language Arts.  Both Drama and Leadership focus on Social Emotional Learning and 21st Century Skills and Competencies.

    Every child brings different experiences, strengths, and needs to our classroom.  We will be working together to foster a strong sense of community, one that emphasizes our commonalities as people and values our individual uniqueness and diversity.  Various methods and strategies will be employed to ensure that ALL students feel welcome and ALL needs are met through a warm, safe, and caring environment.  

     Drama Mask                         Leadership Book Stack


    If you are in 1st Period Drama, our class will meet every morning inside the outfield fence, on ball field number four, which is the ball field that faces Keele Drive, behind second base.  I will be there every morning, after my duty on the other side of the campus.  Below is a map and picture of where I will meet you, each morning.  The yellow arrow is where our sign is and where our class will begin to line up.  Students are expected to be in line wearing Swope uniforms, standing six feet apart (there are orange lines painted in the grass) with face masks on.  I look forward to seeing you!

    Price First Period Meeting Place Aerial view    Price Sign 1     Price Sign 2



  • Tami Price M.Ed.

    901 Keele Drive
    Reno, NV 89509

    Office: 775.333.5330
    Fax: 775.333.5083

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