• Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    Welcome to a new year at North Valleys High School! My name is Mrs. Sherri Lenz and I am your child’s Agriculture Science I, Plant Science, Agriculture Science II, Greenhouse Management, CAD I-III, or Physical Science teacher. I am also the Center for Agriculture Science and Engineering (CASE) Academy liaison and coordinator.

    I studied Microbiology and Medical History and Ethics at the University of Washington and received my Master’s Degree in Secondary Education from the University of Nevada Reno. Since then, I’ve taken numerous agriculture courses and earned an agriculture education endorsement on my teaching license. This is my seventh year of teaching and fourth at NVHS.

    Assignments are posted on this website according to the class and semester. Your child is expected to complete assignments by the due date and review the material learned in class every day. By looking through notes and past assignments, your child is studying and preparing for tests and contributing to his/her overall experience in this class. Your child needs to read and write daily, even if there is no homework assigned. You can tell if your child is missing any assignments by checking Infinite Campus. If the assignment says “missing” or “incomplete,” you can find the assignment on this website, print it off at home, and complete it. I also accept emailed work.

    It is very important that your child has support during his/her high school career. Children who have family support are better able to learn and excel in school and in life. Please try to set aside time to ask your child what they learned in their classes that day and to make sure they are on track with their school work. If you have any questions about assignments or about your child’s day, you can email me at slenz@washoeschools.net. I am always happy to answer questions and provide additional support for your child.


    Mrs. Lenz