• Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Dena Bodecker, but everyone calls me Mizz Dena. I'm your parent involvement facilitator or “PIF” my job is to help families check grades, communicate with teachers, find resources that can help support your family, as well as helping to involve you in the decisions that affect not only our current students, but generations to come. 

    I’m a mom that has learned the "ins and outs" in a school. Some would say I’m the “phone book” of how too’s, when it comes to your students receiving the best education possible, by using your involvement in very simple, and not time consuming ways.

    I've been a mom of elementary, middle and high schoolers and as a parent I know what I needed, wanted and could’ve given as a parent. I've met so many families and have found that we share so many of the same fears, experiences and expectations. I wasn't sure of where to begin to ask for help or support. I knew I was doing the best I could at home. However, it really does take more than that! I'm excited to share my experience and help change what I knew wasn't working for me as a parent; which greatly affected my students.

    I’ve learned what it’s going to take for your student to be successful from now until graduation. There are many things that I wish I'd known when my kids were in middle school, things I wish someone would have shared with me in making these two short years easier. Looking back now it would have helped in making those four years in high school much more understandable. 

    I've been at Dilworth for six years and have witnessed things our kids need to do, what school staff can do and the things as parents we need to do better. I've learned simple strategies that can have a huge impact on passing / failing grades and or earning the middle school credits.

    Now with two graduates at home and knowing these little things that can have a huge impact in middle school I would like to help you help your students reach high school graduation. With all this being said I'd like you to know that my door is open and welcome you to contact me for ANYTHING, nothing is ever too big or too small. I hope that I can help make the Dilworth Experience one to remember.

    With peace and respect

    Mizz Dena