• Welcome to AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination! AVID is a year long elective class that focuses on providing students with the skills and academic support they need to succeed in high school, and be ready for a four year college or university. This class teaches students effective note taking, study skills, public speaking, learning strategies and community service. AVID students provide a "family" atmosphere at school by supporting and encouraging each other in both their academic and personal goals. Weekly tutorial sessions allow the AVID students (along with volunteer tutors from UNR) to help their peers with concepts in core classes that they are struggling with, or haven't yet mastered. Additionally, AVID students serve as the school leadership at Dilworth STEM Academy. Leadership involvement includes running the student store, greeting visiting sports teams and their coaches to the Dilworth campus, supporting PBIS lessons by creating posters that are displayed throughout the school to encourage positive behavior and utilizing their personal power to create a welcoming and supportive school environment for all students. Thanks to generous community donations, AVID students interact with guest speakers, experience field trips and are gifted with school supplies.

    This is the first year the AVID program has been offered at Dilworth STEM Academy. The skills taught in the AVID program will benefit all students, and are being implemented in core classes throughout the campus. Additionally, as a feeder school for Sparks High, the AVID elective teachers at both schools are working together closely. Rather than a two year AVID program at Dilworth that feeds into a separate four year AVID program at Sparks High, the teachers and community supporters are implementing a six year AVID program that spans the middle school and high school years.

    In addition to high academic expectations, AVID supports a love of learning and having fun at school. Please feel free to visit the AVID classes at any time, and let Ms. Garrison know if you would like to experience all that AVID has to offer!