• Greetings!

    I teach Project Lead The Way’s Gateway To Technology and Automation and Robotics. 

    My college experiences have greatly prepared me to teach here at Dilworth where STEM education is so highly valued. Gateway to Technology is a special class, offered only at select schools, where students get exposure to engineering practices and the design process.  I have two associates of arts- one in fine art and one in graphic design, a bachelors of science in interior design, a masters in secondary education including certification in general science and several years of experience working in the art business.  This has prepared me perfectly to teach technical design and computer imagery.  

    Students will be engaging in many different projects that revolve around designing elements and creating visual and/ or tangible models following determined criteria and constraints.  A major focus of both my classes is attention to detail and the ability to follow precise directions.  Learning various computer programs that lend to visual communication along with computer programing are also important topics covered in my classes.  

    As our school's 21st-century learning representative, I find it important to teach excellent communication skills, teamwork, and self-regulation using tools that are relevant to the careers that our graduates will pursue.  For more information about my 21st-century experience, visit my portfolio website using the link on my Helpful Resources page.