• Mr. Ludwig

    Welcome to Mr. Ludwig's English class!

    Being born in Sioux City, Iowa and growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada, I learned the importance of community. In Iowa, you couldn't do anything without everybody knowing about it. And what happens in Vegas... well you  know.  I would like to believe that in the public school setting it's the community that makes the education unique, and is what makes it successful. In my class I strive to create a safe atmosphere that encourages a learning community. I earned my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Secondary Education in 2000 and completed my Masters Degree in Education Administration and Supervision in 2008. All my studies have helped me focus on how to effectively build a learning community. I have been teaching since 2001 and have spent the majority of those years teaching secondary English concentrating on building relationships that shape young people to be successful. Technically,  I teach reading and writing, but realistically, I am teaching students how to communicate effectively in community.