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    Dear Parents & Students,

    Our end of the year music trip for Concert Choir, Jazz Choir, Golden Strings, and Jazz band is scheduled for May 14th-17th, 2020.  We are headed to Disneyland!  Below, find the links for the Disneyland Trip Info Packet, Travel Intent Form and Sponsor Request Form.


    Trip Meeting Flyer

    Disneyland Trip Packet Info

    Travel Intent Form--Due November 1st with deposit

    Sponsor Request Form



    Thursday May 14th: Depart from school 

    Friday May 15th: Park Hopper Pass & Performances

    Saturday May 16th: Park Hopper Pass & Performances

    Sunday May 17th: Return to Reno


    Approximate Price/Payments: $665


    November 1st: $133 due   Deposit & Travel Intent Form Due

    Decemer 6th: $133 due   No students added after this date.

    January 10th: $133 due

    February 7th: $133 due 

    March 6th: Balance due less fundraising


    Fundraising/$ raised

    We want every student to be able to attend, so we will be fundraising throughout the year to help students earn money toward their trip.  

    Chocolate Bars: October, $20 from every box sold

    Sponsors: October-March, 100% of funds raised go toward student trip account

    Popcorn:  October, 50% of Sales

    Nevada Calendars: November, 50% of Sales

    Flowers: January, $10/card

    Chocolate (if needed):  February,  $30 from every box sold