• Happy Sunday my little ones! Welcome to week 2 of virtual learning! Here is a preview of what your week will entail! I hope you are staying healthy, and making time to move your body.


    MONDAY - Roll out three tasks for the week. You will have all week to work on these. No excuses.

    TUESDAY - Work day

    WEDNESDAY - Work day

    THURSDAY - TEAMS meeting. Come with knee questions!

    FRIDAY - TEAMS meeting. Come with knee questions!



    1. Watch the "Knee Lecture" files--> anatomy--> knee--> knee lecture
    2. Trail Guide labeling worksheet (one sided)
    3. Animated Knee Tutorial - Watch the video (~11:00 minutes), and locate the worksheet that accompanies the video. It is posted in your assignment.

      "The way I see it, if you want the rainbow you have to put up with the rain." ❤️ Rahming
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