• Happy Sunday ladies and gentlemen! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend! Here is this week's schedule:
    Mon/Tues: Anatomical planes and directions (in class)/ Planes, directions, and body movements assignments
    Wed: Work day for all assignments
    Thurs/Fri: Anatomical directions and planes lab/assignments due Friday!
    Let me know if you guys have questions! ❤️ Rahming
    Don't forget it is Fall Festival Week! Tomorrow is for rocking your PJs
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  • Happy Sunday ladies and gentlemen! I hope everyone had a wonderful Fall Break! Here is this week's schedule:
    Mon: Kahoot/Body Mechanics and Ambulating Patients
    Tues/Wed: Body Mechanics story time, and crutch fitting/ Body Mechanics and Ambulating Patients
    Thurs/Fri: Quiz/Body Mechanics and Ambulating Patients worksheets due Fri!
    *Extra Credit Opportunity- with Halloween coming let's have a little sports med fun and get some extra credit! You will need to dress up as a fully labeled front and back (yes you read that right) skeleton Oct 28/29 (whichever day you are on campus)! You can purchase a skeleton outfit and write on it or you can create your own writing the bones on a blank shirt as long as it is accurate. This is a fun way to earn some credit! I will be in my labeled skeleton onsie both of those days to join in on the fun!
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  • Happy Thursday everyone! We have a full distance day today because of the smoke. I have uploaded the the kahoot we played in class yesterday to our Review Games file. This is not being assigned but would still be good to practice. Today you guys need to be finishing up both the packet and the lab that are due tomorrow at 2:30! Any questions please ask! ❤️ Rahming
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  • Happy Monday Little ones! Here is this week's schedule:
    Mon/Tues:Medical Math Packet/At Home Medical Math Lab
    Wed/Thurs: Extra Credit Kahoot/ Packet and Lab
    Fri: Video
    Both Packet and Lab are due Friday at 2:30! There is no quiz this week, do not forget if you were absent for last week's test you will take it your first day back in class! 
    You got this if you have questions please ask! ❤️ Rahming
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  • Happy Sunday evening everyone! I hope you all enjoyed a little smoke free activities! I know I had some hiking and paddle boarding fun! I am beyond excited to see you guys in person! Remember if you need to turn something in late just email it to me for late points! You have 1 day for points! I have missed you guys!
    Here is the schedule for the week:
    Mon/Tues: Review Game/Medical Terms Sentences
    Wed: Study Day
    Thurs/Fri: Test 1/ Vitals Lab 1
    <3  Rahming

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  • Yet another distance day tomorrow. Everyone do a smoke go away dance! Plan is to finish work that is due and continue the game above! Do not forget you should be studying 20 minutes a night to prevent having to cram for tests and quizzes. Miss you all so much! ❤️ Rahming
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  • Happy Tuesday yet another Distance Day tomorrow! Make sure you are working on the two assignments due Friday and studying for next week's test! It will be over everything we have done so far: EAPs, Pioneers, Medical Careers, Medical abbreviations, Health Care Career abbreviations, word parts. Can't wait to see you guys again in person! ❤️ Rahming
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  • Happy Monday everyone! If you have not heard tomorrow again is a distance learning day! You will still be working on your medical parts of words and abbreviations that are due Friday! Still planning on the extra credit games Thursday and Friday! 
    Make sure to pay attention when you are turning in your assignments, if no document or a blank one is attached you will not be receiving credit until the document is sent and it will then be considered late. This being said do not wait until the last minute to turn something in. If you are late turning in an assignment email the assignment to me, for late credit, with your name and class period. Remember you have one day to turn something in for late credit (50% credit).
    Can't wait to see you all again! ❤️ Rahming
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  • Happy Sunday everyone! If you have not heard tomorrow is full distance because of the smoke! That being said here is the schedule for the week, we are going to forgo a quiz this week and combine everything next week and have a test next Thurs/Fri! 
    Mon: FEMA due! You can send the screen that says you passed if the certificate has not arrived! 
    There will also be two assignments that will go live Monday that will be due at 2:30 Fri!
    Tues/Wed: Medical parts of words/abbreviations 
    Thurs/Fri: Extra Credit game
    Stay inside and out of this smoke! ❤️ Rahming
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  • Full distance day if you haven't seen! Stay inside today! You are to be working on FEMA today, it is due Monday and you will have other work, so get it done! Do not forget that besides the assignments each day (distance or non) you should be allotting 20 minutes of study time to stay on top of the information.  Once again stay inside with this air quality! ❤ Rahming
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  • Full distance day if you haven't seen! Stay inside today! You are to be working on Medical Career Abreviations and FEMA today. Follow the FEMA assignment instructions, remember you do not need to student ID that you are to register for to start the course, but it's needed to take the final. FEMA is due by Friday! Once again stay inside with this air quality! ❤ Rahming
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  • Happy Labor Day everyone! Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend! There is no work needed to be done today, but I wanted it to be posted just in case! This week we will be completing a FEMA course online and working on Health Care Career Abreviations. There will also be NO quiz this week! There will be a game on Thursday/Friday for extra credit on next week's quiz. If you were not here on quiz day this past week you will be taking the quiz when I see you next. 
    Here is this week's schedule:
    Mon: No School
    Tues/Wed: FEMA/Health Care Career Abreviations
    Thurs/Fri: Extra Credit Game/FEMA due Friday
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  • You guys are doing great! Remember not to stress too much, so right now when reading this take a big breath and know you are amazing! Email with questions on the project during distance days, and do not be afraid to ask in class. I am here to help! Thursday/Friday's quiz will be on EAPS and Codes, Pioneers of Medicine, college degrees, and the syllabus. Study 20 minutes a day (actually study for the 20 minutes at least) and you should be sitting pretty! ❤️ Rahming
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  • This week we are doing a Health Care Career research project.  You will be researching 4 different medical careers.

    1. One career that requires an Associates degree
    2. One career that requires a Bachelors degree
    3. One career that requires a Graduate degree
    4. An additional career that requires a graduate degree (Must be a different degree than what you used for #3).

    You will be working on this in class and at home this week.  I have uploaded ONE fillable PDF on teams, which you will need to download 4 times.

    This assignment will be due Friday at 2:30, but remember you have a quiz in class on Thursday/Friday.

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  • Welcome Back Huskies! I look forward to seeing you for a full week!

    Here is the schedule for the week:

    Mon: EAP's (if you cannot get on Teams the assignment is on the last post)

    Tues/Wed: Medical Discoveries/Pioneers of Medicine

    Thurs/Fri: Pioneers of Medicine Review/Healthcare scavenger hunt

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  • If you cannot get on Teams here is today's assignment. You can handwrite and take a photo and email if needed or create a document and email. 

    What does EAP stand for and define it?

    What codes do we have at school? 

    You are to create and draw out an EAP for natural disasters at your house (fire and earthquake). You are drawing your escape route.

    You are also to write out an escape route for all of your classes as if you were telling someone brand new to the campus the route, so be specific!

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  • No attendance or assignments tomorrow! 

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  • Welcome to Health Science! I cannot wait to meet all of you! Here is the schedule for the week:

    Tues/Wed: Welcome back/goals/syllabus

    Thurs/Fri: EAPs/Codes/Go over syllabus

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