What is 21st Century Learning & Why Do We Need it?

  • Our world is increasingly dependent upon technology, computers, and the ability to collaborate and work with others. WCSD 21st Century Learning is student-centered learning for ALL students that support social skills, tech skills and employability skills necessary to compete in a global digital age. Through instructional practices and the Nevada State Integrated Technology standards as a framework, 21st Century Learning fosters the skills that our students need to become proficient collaborators, problem solvers, computational thinkers, and innovators of computational artifacts, rather than just users of them. 

    Isn't 21st Century Learning a technology thing?

    Well, yes, but it's much more than that. 21st Century Learning is about preparing our students with the learning and social skills they need in a rapidly changing world. Employers and colleges are clear that they want graduates who have solid content knowledge, but can also apply this knowledge in the real world and work with others while doing so. 21st Century Learning helps our students develop these competencies. 

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    Video - Introduction to 21st Century Learning