Teeny Tiny PD

  • Welcome to Teeny-Tiny PD! Here, you will find short but incredibly useful video tips to help you use technology smarter. If you have ideas for a new Teeny-Tiny PD video, email us to let us know. 

    Spotlight on Your Office 365 Waffle
    Did you know you can access all your Office 365 apps like Mail, Calendar, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc... anywhere you have internet access without being on your school computer? Watch this video and learn how! 

    OneTab is a Chrome extension which collapses several open tabs into one tab.  This conserves browser speed and helps your pages load faster.  Additionally, it organizes all of your tabs into groups each time you use it.   

    Switching Between Open Programs Using Keyboard Shortcuts
    Learn how to switch between open programs using the Alt + Tab keyboard shortcut without the need to use the mouse or touch pad.

    Microsoft OneDrive
    OneDrive is an amazing solution to store all your files in one place in the cloud. You can access your files on any device. Sharing files is an easy process like copying the link and sharing it with another person. See all the things that OneDrive has to offer.

    Document Readability Tool
    Learn how to diagnose the reading level using the Document Readability Tool in Microsoft Word from the Flesch-Kincaid formula.

    Selecting Files Efficiently
    This video teaches you how to select files using the CTRL and SHIFT keys.

    Using the Student Facing Competencies
    Do you use the 21st Century Competencies guide (aka "The Elevator Guide) in your lesson planning?  Do you wish there was an easy way to share these with your students? Now you can! This 2-minute video will help you find the 21st Century Competencies for Students along with suggestions for how you can use them in your classroom. 

    Embedding YouTube Videos
    Learn how to embed YouTube videos into other applications. In this example learn how to embed YouTube videos into PowerPoint.

    Microsoft Software Center
    Learn how to install applications and update Windows through Software Center.