• Talk ‘til you're Blue and Green in the face!!

    Damonte Ranch High School Forensics

    Forensics, more commonly known as speech and Debate, is an activity that involves critical thinking, analysis, creativity, and individuality. The National Forensics League is the body that governs speech competition in the United States, recognizes coaches and students for levels of achievement. Students may compete in Individual (speech) events as well as debate events. Each month, a school in our league hosts a two-day tournament, in which students compete against each other to be the best. These events are quit diverse in nature and ensure that forensic competition offers something for everyone.  This team is rewarding in both life and social skills that will carry with you until the day you die. You will meet interesting people, learn about things that you’ve never given a second thought, and develop skills and friendships that will last a lifetime.

    Individual Events: ‘A’ Panel

    Ø  Domestic Extemporaneous                                             

    Ø  Dramatic Interpretation

    Ø  Duo Interpretation

    Ø  Expository Speaking

    Ø  Storytelling

    Individual Events: ‘B’ Panel           

    Ø  Foreign Extemporaneous

    Ø  Humorous Interpretation

    Ø  Original Oratory

    Ø  Poetry and Prose Interpretation

    Ø  Impromptu speaking

    Debate Events

    Ø  Lincoln Douglas Debate

    Ø  Public Forum Debate                                                                 

    Ø  Policy Debate                                                                              

    Ø  Congressional Debate

    Team meetings are Thursdays in the Career Center starting at 2:40 pm.  If you are interested in joining stop by or email us at www.damontedebate@gmail.com
    Advisor: Michelle Aikin
    Coach: Jill Whitbeck

    2017-2018- Debate Schedule 
    September   22 – 23            Spring Creek (B)

    October       20 - 21             Wooster (A)

    November    17 – 18            Douglas (B)

    December     8 – 9 ­              Carson (A)

    January        26 – 27            McQueen (B)

    February      16 – 18            Berkley, CA (by invite only)

    February      23 - 24             Damonte Ranch (A)

    March          15 - 17             Arbor View HS (State)

    March          22 – 24            Reno High (Districts)