• March 27, 2020


    Dear Parents,

                 I hope you are all safe and well. I know the district has been giving us all updates on the situation regarding COVID-19 and getting back to school, but I wanted to reach out and give you details as I get them. As of right now, students will be expected to take part in distance learning from home starting Wednesday April 1st and going through at least April 16th. This dates is very fluid and could change as the situation changes. I encourage all of you to visit the district’s COVID-19 website for the most up to date information.

                 Microsoft Teams will be the platform where students will receive and “turn in” any assignments. We used it quite a bit the last month before break so students should be familiar with it. In order to access it, they will need to log into office 365 using their district credentials. It is the same way they log into the computers at school except their username is their district id number @washoeschools.org instead of just their number. If they cannot log in, let me know and I can get them their login info. Once logged into teams they should see the icon labeled "5th Grade Stosic." In the files tab will be a folder labeled distance learning. Inside the folder are the activities for all three weeks. Most of these activities are broad and are repeated or varied throughout the week.

    All students in grades 3-5 have the same activities, so if you have two kids in these grades they will be doing the same things and can work together as much or little as you’d like. I will also be supplementing these activities as I see fit and will post any new information in the POSTS section of Teams. If, at any time, you or your child needs to talk to me or ask a question please don’t hesitate to call me at 775 722-0696. We will also be utilizing video small group meetings at times through the app/website zoom. It is for secure and private meetings and can be downloaded on computers and phones.  

    I also have to take “attendance” every day, which just means your child contacts me at some point through out the day. They can:

    • Call me
    • Text me
    • Email me
    • Send me a message in teams
    • Post or upload their work in teams

    If your child does not have access to a computer or device that will allow them to do this work online, there are a few printed copies of the materials. There are a limited number of them and they are only located in a few areas (our school is NOT one of them). Again, check the district website for more info on that, or let me know if you need assistance.

    On a more positive note, all end of the year testing has already been cancelled!!

                 Also, Those of you whose children receive free school lunches still have access to free lunches every week day. The list of locations and times are available here.


    Sorry for throwing so much at all of you. I know it is overwhelming. I appreciate your understanding and patience. Thank you all so much. I hope to hear from you soon.


    - Kris