Parent Teacher Home Visits

  • The WCSD Parent Teacher Home Visit Program is based on the nationally recognized and research-based program modeled from Sacramento and supported in WCSD through Title I funding.

    The success of Parent Teacher Home Visits relies on training school teachers and staff to develop meaningful relationships with the families of their students. These relational home visits have been shown to improve attendance, graduation rates and student success through multiple evaluation studies. Teachers and families make stronger connections in order to support student success, and create an opportunity for better home-school communication.
    The Parent Teacher Home Visit Program helps teachers and families move beyond assumptions and blame to come together as equal partners.  These transformative relationships are built on trust where both parties feel comfortable sharing dreams, expectation, experiences and resources. Our educators and families are collaborating together as equal, trusting partners.

    Parent Teacher Bridge Visits: Parent Teacher Bridge Visits replaces the in-person two visit model of Parent Teacher Home Visitsto keep families and staff connected during COVID-19. Bridge Visits give families and school staff the opportunity to build meaningful relationships virtually during physical distancing. 

    List of participating schools: 19-20 Parent Teacher Home Visit Schools

    Evaluation is critical to our program. Data from evaluation reports is used to continuously improve our efforts. 
    PTHVP 15-16' Evaluation Report
    PTHVP 16-17' Evaluation Report

    For questions regarding the home visit project in WCSD, please contact the Parent Teacher Home Visit Project Coordinator Rochelle Solonia at 775-789-4683.


    What staff and families are saying about home visits in WCSD:

    Arch Ruth, principal of Alice Smith States, “Parent Teacher Home Visits breathed new life into my school. I am intrigued about how this is changing me, changing our teachers and building relationships with the families of our children!” 

    Alice Maxwell parent states, “Once we had the Parent Teacher Home Visit, the teacher, my children and I all got on the same page. Home is where everything starts.”

    PTHVP-St. Paul Conference