Academic Parent Teacher Teams

  • APTT Academic Parent Teacher Teams is a program developed by Dr. Maria Paredes, formerly with the Creighton School District in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Paredes noticed that parents did not fully understand how their students were doing academically or how to support them.  She added three additional 75 minute meetings along with the parent-teacher conferences. At each of these meetings, parents are building better parent-teacher communication and relationships as well as building a community relationship within the classroom. Teachers review students’ foundational grade level skills, share individualized academic data, model and practice take home activities related to their students’ grade level, and set 60-day SMART goals for their students.APTT is known to increase family engagement, increases teacher-parent relationships, builds parents capacity to understand their students’ grade level learning goals by explaining and reviewing class level academic data as well as improve student academic performance. This program has been highlighted nationally.

    The schools listed implemented Academic Parent Teacher Teams (APTT) program in the 2017-2018 school-year:

    Alice Maxwell Elementary School
    Roger Corbett Elementary School
    Dorothy Lemelson STEM Academy
    Stead Elementary School
    Edwin S. Dodson School
    Silver Lake Elementary
    Jerry Whitehead Elementary

    What families are saying in WCSD about APTT:

    "I believe APTT meetings are important in involving parent's in their child's education and giving parents tools to work with their children at home"

    "Esta reunion me gusto porque pudimos involucrarnos directamente con nuestroshijos."

    "I liked this meeting because we could get directly involved with our children"


    To find out more information on how to become an APTT school, please contact APTT Coordinator Ana Anderson at 789-4684.