• This website will have information to help parents and students throughout the year.


    This school year will be the first year of implementation of GoMath materials. Each student will be given a consumable textbook and many assignments will be available online.

    We will be using FOSS Next Generation materials for 3 out of 4 science units.  Each student will be given a separate consumable booklet for each unit (Earth History, Project Recharge, Chemical Interactions, and Population & Ecosystems).  


    Two composition books will be needed to respond and reflect through writing, one for math and one for science.


    I expect all students to come to class on time, prepared to learn, with the appropriate classroom materials, and to be a positive part of the classroom environment.

    If a student is absent they are responsible for communicating with the teacher about what they missed. Please inform the teacher of any pre-arranged absences so education materials may be given ahead of time. Please be mindful that your student is learning each and every day and schedule any planned vacations during their breaks.  Good attendance leads to a good education.

    Grading Policy:

    Math Grading Policy:

    Achievement will be worth 100% of their quarterly grade

    Summative Assessments (50%) {Module Exams}

    Formative Assessments (50%): {Quizzes, Homework, & Classwork}

    Science Grading Policy

    Summative Assessments (50%) {Investigation Check Exams}

    Formative Assessments (50%): {Class activities and notebooks}

    In Infinite Campus you will find a list of all assignments, quizzes, assessment (exams) and finals. 

    If you find anything else you would like added to the website, please let me know.

    Thank you


    Ms. Klock