• Welcome to Biology! Everyone will recieve a syllabus on the first day of school but if you lose yours, you can access the syllabus here:

    Biology Syllabus

    Class 11/14: Due: Journal check. In class: Doodle N and P, finished lab, time to work on designing an experiment. HW: Finish lab questions, study for quiz 11/20

    Class 11/12: Due: Glucose article and questions. In class: Doodle through box M, started Carbon dioxide output lab. HW: Journal check next class! Quiz 11/20

    Class 11/7: Due: Complete lab (data tables, questions, graph, CER.) In class: doodle through box K, started designing celluar respiration experiments. HW: Finish glucose article and questions. Journal check 11/14 see bellwork for more info

    Class 11/1: Due: Data tables and questions from part A. In class: Doodle boxes A-D, completed part B of the lab. HW: Finish parts A and B questions and graph

    Class 10/28: Due: 5 quiz questions. In class: reviewed for and took chemical reactions quiz. 

    Class 10/23: Due: Text coding In class: finished chemical reactions doodle, sent over unit 1 test. HW: design 5 questions covering the chemical reactions unit: 2 multiple choice, 2 short answer, 1 of your choice. Include the answers. 

    Class 10/21: In class: continued chemical reactions doodle. Quotation mingle about proteins. HW: text coding the protein article. 

    Class 10/17: In class: continued chemical reactions doodle. Mucus article. Electrolysis of water

    Class 10/15: In class: types of matter doodle. Video on types of matter that make up living things. 

    Class 9/30: In class: invasive species practice with lionfish and zebra mussels. White nose syndrom in bats. HW: STUDY for the test next class. Get your bind ready for binder check! See the last bellwork for all the papers you need. 

    Class 9/26: Due: Predator-prey relationships, CER graph. In class: Carrying capacity, levels of organization with an individual example. HW: finish your individual example if you didn't finish in class. Population dynamics unit test 10/2

    Class 9/24: Due: group CER (completed in class.) In class: CER practice, introduction of "carrying capacity." HW: Predator-prey relationships worksheet, CER graph (back of the CER graphic organizer.)  Population dynamics unit test 10/2

    Class 9/20: Due: Rabbit, resouce, fox graph In class: Population dynamics worksheet, grade check. HW: None

    Class 9/16: In class: Quiz 2, population dynamics simulation. HW: None. Honors project due next class! 

    Class 9/12: Due: Extinction article, science journal 1 In class: Isle Royale doodle notes HW: STUDY for the quiz next class! Topics: biodiversity, extinction, characteristics of life. 

    Class 9/10: Due: group poster. In class: extinction doodle notes. HW: finish extinction article. Science journal due next class (see below for the bellwork handout.) Quiz Monday  on biodiveristy, extinction, characteristics of life. 

    Class 9/6: Due: graph from last class. In class: Characteristics of Life, biodiversity and extinction. Time to work on extinction posters. There will be 15 more minutes of classtime to finish the posters. HW: Science journal due 9/12. See bellwork handout if needed. 

    Class 9/4: In class: Graphing review with data collection HW: finish graph.You must include at least 5 data points. Remember to have a meaningful title and label both axes. Your scale should be uniform and make sense for the data. 

    Class 8/28: In class: Odd one out- due at the end of the class period. HW: STUDY for the quiz! look over syllabus, lab safety, graphing practice, CER, and making measurements! Here's the lab safety checklist if you lost yours. 

    Class 8/26: Due: Graph In class: lab safety, CER. HW: read lab safety checklist and come to class with questions. Quiz is moved to 8/30! Classroom procedures and lab safety

    Class 8/22: Due: Classroom bingo. In class: Practiced making accurate measurements. Practiced graphing. HW: Graphing worksheet. Must have at least ONE graph done to recieve full credit. You may pick which graph I grade for accuracy. Please leave the last graph (graph your own data) blank as we will collect data to graph next class. 

    Class 8/20: Due: What questions about life/living things do you hope we answer by the end of year? In class: Mystery tubes. HW: Finish classroom bingo (if you didn't finish already.) I'm grading the Room Search squares for points so make sure you have those complete in order to receive full credit. 

    Class 8/14: In class: Made a science journal for bellwork and observations. Made observations inside and outside the classroom. Discussed classroom rules about using the restroom and interacting with the classroom pet, Guyco. Started classroom bingo- turned in what we had completed for classwork points. HW: What questions about life/living things do you hope we answer by the end of the year? You can phrase this as a question or you can just write down topics you are interested in learning about. At least one is needed to get full credit. This video we watched in class might inspire you: Why do we learn science?