• Welcome to Biology! Everyone will recieve a syllabus on the first day of school but if you lose yours, you can access the syllabus here:

    Biology Syllabus

    Class 3/13: Due: Evolotion binder check, evolution test. In class:Evolution test. HW: All 3rd quarter make-up work due by Friday 4/3.

    Class 3/11: In class: Reviewed for evolution test with 3 documents: one on interpeting evidence for evolution, one for making and interpreting cladograms and one with vocabulary and questions with data/descriptions. HW: STUDY and come prepared for the binder check. Binder check requirements. (updated from last class.) 

    Class 3/9: Due: Cladogram activity. In class: natural selection comic (we read a comic and made our own example.) Finished guided notes on evidence of evolution. Peppered moth example. HW: STUDY for evolution test on Friday. Binder check on Friday. Honors people, schedule a time to present. 

    Class 3/5: In class: Continued evidence for evolution notes. Worked on cladogram activity tracking changes in amino acids. HW: Finish cladogram activity, study for evolution test next week (3/13.) 

    Class 3/3:  Due: Skull CER. In class: notes on evidence for evolution (finished front page then anatomical evidence on the back. Vestigial structures videoHW: Test next week over Evoultion: natural selection, evidence, other forces of evolution.

    Class 2/28: Due: evolution packet. In class: skull activity. HW: Skull Claim Evidence Reasoning due next class. Observations on 10 skulls, ranking those skulls for relatedness and a claim evidence reasoning for which skull is most related to humans and which is least related. 

    Class 2/26: In class: Watched a natural selection simulation and tried to predict what would happen. Started to discuss how to interpret skull information to determine how related two species are to one another. 

    Class 2/24: In class: Reviewed for and took natural selection quiz. Began evidence for evolution packet and had an in-class grade check. HW: bring packet to class, will have 5-10 min to finish. 

    Class 2/20: Due: variation lab. In class: Finished natural selection doodle, watched a video on natural selection. HW: STUDY for the quiz next class. Use the study guide to help you. 

    Class 2/18: In class: survival of the beakiest competition activity. HW: finish variation lab- 3 graphs and 4 questions. STUDY for quiz on Monday 2/24

    Class 2/5: Due: Feedback journal, feedback and homeostasis mini-poster (1 per group.) In class: Shared experiment results; worked on Doodle boxes C-E; Read and summarized finch article. HW: None. 

    Class 2/3: In class: Natural selection doodle A-C. Homeostasis packet. HW: Finish lab write-up due 2/5. Feedback journal due 2/5 See 1/30 for links for your journal. 

    Class 1/30: In class: Wrapped up homeostasis/feedback loops and started natural selection unit.  Read "Survival of the sneakiest" and answered discussion questions in journal. Started notes with 3 stories. HW: 1.) Science journal due 2/5. Some students are exempt/pre-checked. You can tell by looking at IC to see if you already have a grade for the assignment. If you don't have a grade, you'll need to turn your journal in on Wednesday 2/5. Click here to see the bellworks you might have missed. I'm checking for all 7 bellworks plus two video summaries. 2.) Group lab write-ups (mini posters) due 2/5. See here for directions- one poster per group. 

    Class 1/15: In class: discussed future science classes, finished doodle box K, watched a feedback video and worked on a feedback exampleHW: Study for feedback quiz 1/22

    Class 1/13: In class: Continued feedback loop doodle, made models to show feedback for how heart rate changes (increases and decreases.) HW: Finish control of heart rate diagram and explanation (front and back.) 

    Class 1/9: In class: Continued feedback doodle front page, watched meet the heart video and worked on heart models. Read heart rate article and worked on the summary

    Class 1/7: In class: made feedback loop journals, started feedback loop doodle.