• Class 9/11: Animal behavior experiment. HW: lab notebook due 9/17, lab report due 9/24, quiz over chapters 19 and 20 9/17

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  • Class 9/9: In class: finished chapter 20 notes. HW: be prepared for lab next class. Lab notebook due 9/17, quiz 9/17, lab report due 9/24


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  • 9/5: In class: notes on chpater 20. HW: Read article and text code. Discussion next class. Quiz on chapters 19 and 20 9/17

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  • 9/3: In class: finished chapter 19 notes, discussed 1st quarter project due October 14. HW: prepare for animal behavior lab 9/11, 9/13

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  • 8/29: In class- continued notes on chapter 19, reviewed quiz results. 

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  • 8/27: intro to evolution. See documents for vocab and questions if you lose yours. 2 words per chapter due on the day of the exam as well as ALL the questions

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  • 8/23: In class: Animal behavior quiz. HW: please turn in a sheet describing your experimental design either hard copy by the end of the day or soft copy emailed by Sunday. See below for details

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  • In class: Looked at student essay responses, answered practice questions, time to brainstorm animal behavior lab

    HW: STUDY for the quiz next class! Draft of animal behavior design due by the end of the day. Remember what a designed lab needs:



    Independent variable

    Dependent variable

    Control group, experimental group (if appropriate)

    Constants (at least 3)

    Materials: Here I especially care about things I need to buy/make/mix/do. Please highlight/box make sure I can tell what I need to get! I would like you to include all of you materials here even the ones you're getting so that I can approve/tell you to revise. For example, bleach would be too strong for most animals. You may not harm any animals during the experiment. You also may not use mammals. 

    Procedure: Here I don't need detail I'm just trying to estimate time. Give me an idea of how many trials you're going to do, what is the set-up like? Do you plan on testing one organism at a time or all at once? How often will you collect data etc. There are MANY ways to perform this type of experiment and part of this process is FIGURING OUT what works and what needs to change. You can and should edit as needed during the experiment. 

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  • Due: graphing practice

    In class: essay practice, finished animal behavior notes, recieved practice multiple choice for the quiz on Friday

    HW: STUDY for the quiz Friday (pushed back 1 day) prepare to design your experiment next class- rough draft (one per group) due by the end of class Friday 8/23

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  • Due: Student self-assessment.

    In class: Graphing practice and chapter 39 notes. We will have ONE more day of notes!

    HW: graphing practice worksheet due next class. Animal behavior design rough draft due 8/21

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  • Due: Bring lab notebook to class, read chapter 39 (39.3-39.6)

    In class: Discussed how to design an experiment (more specifically, how to design an experiment for an essay on the AP exam) began chapter 39 notes.

    HW: Student self-assessment due next class. Quiz planned for 8/21 over chapter 39, laboratory, graphing, and calculations. 

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