• Directions for activating your SmartMusic account. (Watch this video for a visual guide to the directions below.)

    1. Go to (type it in your web browser)
    2. Click on the orange "Login/Sign-up" button in the upper right corner
    3. On the "login" screen, DO NOT LOGIN, instead click on the blue font that says "Join a class." This is at the bottom of the page under "Students, need to enroll in a class?"
    4. When that page opens, enter your school district email address and the class code which you will need to get from Ms. Karl.
    5. It should say "You are joining:" and then list your orchestra class period.
    6. Click "Join this Class"
    7. A new page will open that says" Create an Account." It has a drawing of a girl playing flute in front of a laptop.
    8. Enter this information:
      • Country = United States of America
      • Are you at least 13 years old? = Yes or No, depending on how old you are
      • First Name = your first name
      • Last Name = your last name
      • Email = your school district email
      • Backup Email = leave this blank
      • Username = create your own username, make it something you will remember
      • Password = create your password, it must have 8 character and include at least one number or uppercase letter or special character (anything that is not a letter or number)
      • Confirm Password = type in the same password again to make sure it is entered the same both times
      • Primary Instrument = the instrument you play in class
      • Secondary Instrument = leave this blank
      • Check the box next to "I have read..."
      • For 13 and older, if you have "Sign me up for offers...," uncheck this box.
    9. Click "Submit"
    10. It will say "activation email sent" but you won't get an email. That message has been sent to Ms. Karl. She will activate you from her teacher account the next time she logs in. This might take until the next school day.

How to Practice

    • What to practice - Practice everything we practiced in class. Check your class webpage for more information.
    • Fingers/Notes - Do the fingerings and say the note names WITHOUT playing.
    • Sing it - Sing your part either with or without your instrument.
    • Pizz - Play the measure/section/song pizzicato.
    • Slo-Mo - Play each section as slow as you can and make sure every note is perfect. Speed it up once you can play it well.
    • Divide & Conquer - Split the song into small chunks and fix each chunk individually. Gradually put them back together.
    • Mark it - Use your pencil to write in a note or marking you keep missing - but don't write them all in.
    • 3rd time's a charm - Play each measure/section/song perfectly 3 times before moving on - restart each time you mess up.
    • Change it up - Do something to snap your brain out of its mistakes, like playing with one foot in the air, one eye closed, or laying on the floor.
    • Forget about it - Play a song you can know really well, then come back to the one you're having trouble with.