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    Site Facilitators assist the principal in supporting newly hired teachers at their school.  In order for a school to have a Site Facilitator, the school must have at least 3 teachers who are required to take the Novice On-Site Seminar, including newly hired veteran teachers, novice 1st year teachers, and novice Special Ed teachers.  Site Facilitators communicate weekly with the novice teachers at their school and provide ongoing site support.  They also collaborate with the Site Mentors at their school and help to resolve minor issues or concerns that may arise.  Site Facilitators teach the monthly Novice On-Site Seminar held at their school, and complete the related paperwork and web attendance.  They collect and submit paperwork to the Department of Professional Learning office such as Site Mentor Applications and Contact Logs. Site Facilitators should have three years of mentoring experience and have completed the Foundations of Mentoring training.  They attend the Site Facilitator Meetings, as well as advanced training such as Observation and Feedback Strategies.

    Site Facilitator Application

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    Site Mentors

    Site Mentors work with novice teachers at their school site.  They have taught for at least three years with the Washoe County School District, and possess effective classroom management skills and excellent interpersonal skills.  Site Mentors meet weekly with the novice teacher regarding lesson plans, management, instruction, etc. and provide ongoing support.  They complete and submit Contact Logs twice a year to the Department of Professional Learning office documenting their contact with the novice teacher.  Site Mentors have completed the Foundations of Mentoring class.

    Site Mentor Application

    Site Mentor Handbook

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