• Unit 3: Plate Tectonics

    plate boundaries


    HS-ESS2-1 Develop a model to illustrate how Earth’s internal and surface processes operate at different spatial and temporal scales to form continental and ocean-floor features.

    HS-ESS2-3* Develop a model based on evidence of Earth’s interior to describe the cycling of matter by thermal convection.

    HS-ESS3-1* Construct an explanation based on evidence for how the availability of natural resources, occurrence of natural hazards, and changes in climate have influenced human activity.

    HS-ESS3-2 Evaluate competing design solutions for developing, managing, and utilizing energy and mineral resources based on cost-benefit ratios.


    Essential Question(s):

    • How can evidence-based models demonstrate Earth’s internal and external processes?

    • How do these internal and external processes impact humanity?

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