• Leadership Corkboard

    Course Description:

    This daily "Home Room" class meets first thing in the morning for 10 minutes (Advisory) and again, midday, for 30 minutes (8th Grade Enrichment).  Announcements, important school information, Social Emotional Learning, Current Events, Panther Planner and Grade Checks, as well as other pertinent lessons are taught during this time.  In order to participate in this Leadership Enrichment, there is an application process, and the appropriate form and qualifications are required.

    During this Enrichment, students will have the opportunity to develop their effectiveness as leaders throughout the year.  Students will also serve as ambassadors for Swope Middle School in a variety of different activites, at school and within the community.  All activities are designed for students to enhance thier communication skills, managerial skills, relationship skills and overall self-awarenes.  We will be using The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Teens, by Sean Covey as our textbook.  

    Click this link for the 2021-2022 Leadership WAITLIST Application

                                                                           (available April 3, 2021)

    2021-2022 LEADERSHIP APPLICATION (open from February 26 - April 2, 2021)  


    Leadership Goals:

    • To develop, in every student, an awareness of his or her own leadership potential
    • To provide students with opportunities to learn and practice essential leadership skills within a learning community
    • To assist students in developing essential skills that enable them to act responsibly in all aspects of their lives
    • To develop citizens who possess the leadership abilities to meet present and future challenges in a global society

    Students in Leadership will show their Panther Pride by:

    • Being a positive representative and showing concern for our school, community, family and self
    • Setting a good example for others by encouraging educational and social development through one's own actions
    • Participating in discussions and decisions that pertain to the student body of our school with 21st Century Skills and Competancies in mind
    • Being culturally responsive and collaborating with integrity and accountability
    • Knowing and complying with all school district rules and policies
    • Understanding that this class is an honor, privilege and obligation to be taken seriously