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    Course Description: 

    In Drama, students will be introduced to the basic concepts of theatre arts.  Students will use various creative drama techniques to build confidence and trust, stimulate imagination, movement, and role-play.  Through theatre games and activities, students will learn to lose inhibitions and gain trust in themselves, as well as others in their groups.  Students will learn and use drama and theatre vocabulary in class discussions and the activities will specifically address the promotion and reinforcement of students' literacy skills.  Students will exhibit and reinformce their skills through individual and group presentations, performances, and script and journal writing.  

    This class provides opportunities for team work, relaxation, concentration, movement, voice, play analysis, acting, improvisation, character analysis, performance, scene work, monologues, audition/interview skills, theatre vocabulary, theatre history, and play reports. 


    Drama Syllabus:

     If you would like to view or need a copy of the Drama Syllabus, it can be found here.


    Shakespeare Videos: Hamlet   Romeo and Juliet     A Midsummer Nights Dream     Macbeth


    Distance Learning:

    Distance Learning Drama Curriculum:


Drama Absence

  • If a student is absent, it is the student's responsibility to speak with Mrs. Price concerning make-up work.  As per WCSD policy, students will have the number of days absent plus one to make up any missed assignments.