• It is expected that if a child is participating in the A-Day/B-Day Hybrid Learning Model or is home sick, they must check-in every day that they are learning from home, using the MICROSOFT TEAMS platform, which can be found in Office 365.  If you need information regarding login, CLICK THIS LINK and it will take you to the WCSD information page, or contact the Swope MS Office at 775-333-5330.


    Classroom Expectations:

    In order to create a positive and safe learning environment for all students, it is imperative that every student work to the best of his/her ability, every day.  Our number one classroom expectation is that:


    This can be accomplished if we work together as a family and follow some agreed upon rules for Behavior and Work Ethic:

    1. Respect Classmates, Teachers and Environment 
    2. Keep Hands, Feet and Objects to Yourself
    3. Practice Active Listening
    4. Follow Directions the First Time
    5. Pursue Excellence

    Consequenses will include the following:

    • Verbal Warning
    • Opportunity for Reflection/Think Time
    • Alternative Assignment/Change of Environment
    • Letter/Email/Phone Call Home to Parents
    • Documentation through Infinite Campus


    Click HERE to download the Swope Core Teacher Supply List.