• About McQueen Knights & Ladies Club



    • Note: there is a limited time to join after school starts in the Fall
    • No applications are accepted after the membership drive ends
    • The applications for membership are made available in August/September for anyone who would like to join
    • If there is interest, membership applications may be made available again at the end of the school year around April/May for students who want to return as members in the Fall.  It is an early application for the following school year.
    • Applications can be obtained from the club advisor during membership timeframe(s) & may be available at the office 
    • Members joining must fulfill the minimum requirement of 20 hours.
    • ALL members are required to reapply for club membership each year.  You must fulfill the minimum hour requirements in order to reapply each year.

    Hours accumulation-

    • 10 of the required 20 hours MUST be done by participating in Knights and Ladies activities.
    • Approved Knights & Ladies activities are posted as Volunteer Opportunities for the current school year on this site
    • There is no limit to hours a member can earn from a single activity; however, the advisor(s) and board members have the final decision.
    • If a member accumulates 60 hours a year for four years, starting their freshman year, they are eligible for a Seal of Distinction on their diploma.
    • Advisor(s) must be notified of intent to go for the Seal, if that is a goal, during your freshman year.
    • The advisor(s) and Board have the final approval on activities.  Please ask for clarification if you are participating in outside activities and are not sure if it qualifies.
    • If you are a freshman joining in the Fall and did volunteer work over the summer, you may count up to 30 hours with proper documentation, and it MUST accompany the application for membership.

    Activity Participation-

    • If you sign up to participate in an activity, you must attend that activity.  You are responsible for signing in and out for the time that you work.
    • All hours will be tracked on monthly forms.  These forms MUST be turned in monthly at the meeting, as per the date on the form.  It is YOUR responsibility to have these forms with you for EVERY activity.  
    • If you sign up for an activity and do not attend, you will be deducted that amount of time.  If you know ahead of time that you cannot attend, you MUST advise the Board Member in charge of the activity.
    • If you miss 2 activities that you have signed up for and have not notified the Board Member in charge or the advisor, your membership will be revoked.
    • Members are strongly encouraged to keep track of hours to verify with the records of the advisor or board member tracking the hours.
    • Double dipping is not allowed.  This means that you cannot work for two causes.  If you are not sure if your activity will count, please see a board member or Mrs. Menicucci BEFORE you do the activity.

    Meeting Attendance-

    • Monthly general meetings are required for all members.  IF you cannot attend, you must email Mrs. Menicucci at dmenicucci@washoeschools.net and let her know you cannot attend.
    • If you accumulate two unexcused absences, you will be removed from the club.

    Board Member Responsibilities-

    • Applications are available after regular member applications in the spring.  When applying for a Board position, you must remember the time commitment involved (see application for specifics)
    • Attend two meetings monthly. One meeting of the board only is held before the general meeting, and the second meeting is normally toward the end of each month, which is the monthly meeting of all the members. The exact dates are posted on our website. 
    • Organize one project PER MONTH.   If the one project requirement is not fulfilled, the board member will be placed on probationary status.  The next month, the board member must organize TWO activities.  If this is not fulfilled, the member’s status on the board will be brought to question

    Awards and Recognition-

    • Seal of Distinction-  You must complete 60 hours a year for four years in order to receive this honor.  The advisor must be aware of the goal during freshman year.  Seal of Distinction awards are aranged through McQueen administration after verification of hours.  The seal is placed on your McQueen High School diploma. 

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