• Mr. McClellan

Studio Shot 2018

Top Ten Facts

  • 10.  He loves working out, watching movies, and coaching girls' basketball.
    9.   He has a B. A. degree in Broadcast/Journalism from UNR (1987).
    8.   He directed the Billinghurst musical Honk Jr. in March of 2004.
    7.   He received a basketball scholarship from Boston University in 1982.
    6.   He is in a band called A Year From Monday (1988 - 1998 & 2014 - ?).
    5.   He released the album Yggdrasil in 2015 (Available on all streaming platforms).
    4.   He has earned a degree to be a nutritional consultant (2013).
    3.   He is a vegan, roughly 65% of his food being raw food.
    2.   He regularly meditates and practices yoga often.
    1.   This is his 17th year of teaching English at Reno High School.

  • “The outer world is a reflection of the inner world." -- Roy T. Bennett