The Exceptional Volunteer Award


    Circle of Hands for Volunteering
    The Exceptional Volunteer Award is a monthly award given by the Washoe County School District (WCSD) Board of Trustees at the District's Spotlight event. It is a great way to thank the many special WCSD Volunteers and Organizations that serve our District.

    Award winners are honored at a School Board meeting, they receive an Award Proclamation, a Board of Trustees pin and other gifts as available.

     Exceptional Volunteer Mission Statement

    To encourage school volunteerism and to recognize, honor and appreciate volunteers who have made significant contributions to Washoe County School District students. To honor and recognize the value of all volunteer contributions in Washoe County School District as family and community support for the success of all school children. To involve WCSD employees in providing regular recognition for those volunteers meeting the " Exceptional Volunteer Award" criteria.


    Award Criteria 

    Nominations for the "Exceptional Volunteer Award" are accepted under the following criteria:

    • Nominee(s)must be a volunteer for the Washoe County School District, serving a minimum of one hundred (100) validated hours of unpaid volunteer time. A student volunteer, receiving educational credit is not eligible.
    • Nominations may be made by more than one individual, but one of those nominating must be an employee of the Washoe County School District and then selected by the Exceptional Volunteer Award Committee.
    • Nominations must include a description of the volunteer's contribution and indicate how nominee's volunteering is linked to school improvement or academic success for students.
    • Organizations may be eligible as a group volunteer. (Example, 25 volunteers belonging to one organization have donated four (4) hours each of volunteer work)
    • Schools/Departments may only have one award winner per school year.

    Awards are determined by an Award Selection Committee based on award criteria and by the date that the nomination is received. Awards are presented monthly at a Washoe County School District Board of Trustees meeting.

    To nominate a volunteer for the Exceptional Volunteer Award please follow this link to the Exceptional Volunteer Award Nomination Form.

    If you have a deserving volunteer you would like to honor with the Exceptional Volunteer Award, please complete the form and fax it to Ana Aguilar at: fax 775-851-5669,  scan and email to, or mail to WCSD Volunteer Services, Administration Building through District mail.

    If you have questions, please email Ana Aguilar.
    Thank you for caring about your Volunteers!