School Faculty Testimonials

  •  Staff Talking to Students
    "I just want to let you know how much I appreciate Mr. Lewis Thomas, and how much the kids do too...they LOVE him! Thank you, thank you and please keep him in your program because he contributes so much to these kids!!"

    ~Valerie Bebe

    "I just wanted to pass on to you how effective your volunteers are to our Hug High School students and thank you for sending them our way. I am confident these students would not be a part of our educated work force and voters of our future generations if it weren't for the effective, dedicated people you find to help us."

    ~Carla Stark

    "I think that Debbie Lynch is the most extraordinary volunteer we’ve ever had at Swope. I don’t know how many hours Mrs. Lynch has given to Swope, but she is extremely generous with both her time and resources. She is awesome!"

    ~Susan Bailey
    Swope Middle School


    "I just want to say thank you for sending all the tutors our way. Read & Succeed has really improved student achievement here at our school. All the new books are great to replenish the reading box in the library! I appreciate that your tutors are trained and ready to go to work with our students. Thank you for all you and your staff do for us."

    ~Bonnie Vogler
    Lena Juniper Elementary School

    "Our tutor is wonderful! We love her! She always arrives early and has been very consistent in coming. Thank you so much for arranging for her to come out here! Now, we are just hoping she will be with us for always! When does she have to stop?"

    ~The Staff at Sepulveda Elementary School

    "Mrs. Vanderbeek has been wonderful as a math tutor! She is reliable and prompt. She comes right after our math time and we have been giving her a couple of groups who aren't understanding the lesson for the day. That has worked out great for us. "

    ~Rose Rowe, Lena Juniper Elementary Schools