• Below are student supplies that are required for Forensics, Environmental Science and AP Environmental.  Those Required for APENV only are marked in Green.


    1. One 1"+ binder with class dividers to store work, looseleaf paper and study resources.  This binder may be used for more than one class.
    2. One, one-subject notebook per semester, that may be stored in class.  I have some of these to give out if you are unable to buy it.
    3. Two different colored highlighters.
    4. Access to a metric ruler and calculator at home.
    5. Color pencils and sharpener (recommended).
    6. One Black or Blue Ink Pen. 2 Pencils
    7. One, red ink pen.
    8. One quiet place to study notes and complete reading/homework assignment.
    9. Access to the internet at school, in the library and/or at home daily.
    10. Recommended- 1 pack multicolored sticky notes.