• Student Supplies that are required for Forensics, Environmental Science and AP Environmental.  Those Required for APENV only are marked in Green.


    1. One 2" binder with class dividers to store work, looseleaf paper and study resources.  This binder may be used for more than one class.
    2. One, one-subject notebook per semester, that may be stored in class.
    3. Two different colored highlighters.
    4. Access to a metric ruler and calculator at home.
    5. Color pencils and sharpener (recommended).
    6. One Black and one Blue Ink Pen.
    7. Red ink pen.
    8. One quiet place to study notes and complete reading/homework assignment.
    9. Access to the internet at school, library and/or home daily.
    10. One stack of regular 500 quantity sticky notes (not super sticky, not in pink or orange)