Student Wellness Advisory Committee

  • Mission Statement

    The Student Wellness Advisory Committee has been established to assess the District’s needs and develop a wellness administrative regulation that meets the operational realities of the school district and works toward improved health and wellness outcomes for students. This group is tasked with the development, review, and update of the local school wellness administrative regulation as needs change, goals are met, new information emerges, and the annual review is completed. This group will also serve an advisory function to the Washoe County School District Board of Trustees in areas of student health and wellness.

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  • Composition

    The Student Wellness Advisory Committee consists of thirteen (13) voting members.   
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    Kelli Goatley-Seals, Vice-Chair Community Member - Health June 30, 2020
    Steven Shane Community Member - Health June 30, 2020
    VACANT Parent/Guardian June 30, 2020
    VACANT Community Member - Health June 30, 2019
    Andrea Gregg At-Large Member June 30, 2019
    Catherine Polley Student June 30, 2019
    Anna Kanarowski Teacher - Physical Education June 30, 2019
    VACANT Teacher - Elementary Education June 30, 2020
    Fred Wright, Chair Teacher - Culinary Arts June 30, 2019
    Cindy Cohen WCSD Nutrition Services June 30, 2020
    VACANT School Health Professional June 30, 2019
    Sue Egloff Elementary Site Administrator June 30, 2020
    Patricia Carroll Secondary Site Administrator June 30, 2019

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