Property Control

  • Property Control maintains accountability for all assets within Washoe County School District from purchase to disposal including surplus assets.

    • Property Control
      Washoe County School District
      425 E. 9th Street
    • Surplus Warehouse
      380 Edison Way
      Reno, NV. 89502

    Frequently Asked Questions


    1. How can I request an asset tag for my equipment?

      A tag can be requested by phone or by e-mail. Just contact Property Control at 789-4613 or e-mail (preferred method) . A Washoe County School District purchase order number is required when requesting an asset tag.

    2. What items are issued asset tags?

      All equipment purchased using a WCSD purchase order, and a purchase price of $250.00 or more can be tagged. A purchase using a WCSD purchase order ensures that the equipment meets district guidelines and standards. The equipment will also then be tracked for insurance purposes.

      Donated items can be tagged with donation tags. To receive a donation tag Property Control needs a copy of a letter from the donor. The letter should state exactly what is being donated, including make, model and serial number, and also the approximate value of the donated item. The value for a donated item to be tagged is $250.00 or more. A green donation tag will then be issued for the equipment.

      When using Student Activity Funds to purchase equipment a check must be sent into the business office along with the ‘R' or WCSD PO number. The check is then deposited into your sites account. A school purchase order number is not accepted when requesting a tag. The equipment must have a WCSD purchase order number.

    3. How do I get surplus computer items removed from my inventory and picked up from my site?

      The Computer Surplus Form must be filled out when computer surplus items need to be removed. Click on Surplus Computer Equipment and follow the instructions provided on the form. To complete the form you will need the tag number, make, model, serial number and operational or not. Once the form is completely filled out click on the submit button. The information is then automatically e-mailed to Property Control. Your request for pick up is then added to the Warehouse pick-up list. Items are picked up as the Warehouse schedule permits.
      Materials Distribution Center Relocation Request

    4. Computer items are currently being stored at the Edison warehouse until they are recycled. Use the above procedure for any and all computer items including; scanners, printers, monitors and CPU's. NO computer items can be thrown away. They are considered hazardous and must be disposed of or recycled using correct procedures.

    5. How do I get non-computer surplus items removed from my inventory and my site?

      All requests for equipment pick up can be made to Property Control via phone or e-mail (preferred method). Property Control will only handle district equipment and donated computers. We do not take care of disposal of basic office supplies or books. Items in good useable condition will be placed back into other schools or departments for further use. Many broken items can be thrown away, but please check with Property Control before disposing of any district equipment.

      If Property Control approves the disposal of any item at your site please be sure to remove the tag from the equipment and send it to Property Control. When schools have an abundance of non-hazardous and/or non-functional equipment to be disposed of a request needs to be put into the ACT1000 system. The requested should be directed to the Grounds Department to pick up the specific items that Property Control has approved disposal of, and hauled away for proper disposal. Risk Management needs to be contacted by the site when a refrigerator needs to be disposed of.

      DO NOT throw away any hazardous items. These include refrigerators, any computer items, TV's, and copiers. Equipment Repair is often able to part out old copiers, so please contact them when you have one that needs to be removed.

    6. Can I just drop off my surplus items at any time?

      No. Property Control and Surplus are not located in the same building. An appointment must first be set up. Typically someone is available each week to meet any site at the surplus warehouse. Please call or e-mail Property Control to set up an appointment.

    7. How can I get surplus items for my site?

      Just set up an appointment with Property Control to see if any of our items will work for your site. Remember items are used, but they are also FREE for use in the district!

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