Purchasing Department Staff Directory

  • Department Location and Business Hours

    The Brown Center
    14101 Old Virginia Road
    Reno, Nevada 89521
    Office: (775) 850-8025
    Fax: (775) 857-3175
    General Email: purchasing@washoeschools.net 
    Office Hours:  8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday (excluding holidays)   

    Purchasing Department Staff and General Assignments

    Shannon Priest
    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: (775) 850-8034  Email: SPriest@washoeschools.net

    Melissa Lewis
    Program Technician
    Phone: (775) 850-8025  Email: MLewis@washoeschools.net 

    • BusinessPlus Management

    • Purchase Requisition and Purchase Order Processing

    • Insurance Certificate Tracking and Management

    Andrea Sullivan, CPSM, CPIM, MBA
    Director of Procurement and Contracts
    Phone: (775) 850-8056  Email: ASullivan@washoeschools.net

    • Communication and Media Related Services (Advertising, Marketing)

    • Consulting Services (Human Resources, Human Services, Environmental/Sustainable Energy, Risk Management, Educational, Special Education)

    • Distribution of Food Services, Vended Meal Plans, and Care/Nutrition Programs

    • Financial Services (Investments, Portfolios, Securities, E-Commerce, Procurement Card (PCard), General Banking)

    • Health and Wellness Programs and Services

    • Independent Contractor Agreements (ICAs)

    • Insurance Services (Health, Medical, Brokerage, Liability)

    • Language Translation Services

    • Management Services with Software Systems (Medical, Student Case Management, Personnel/Staff)

    • Production and Manufacturing Services

    • Real Estate, Property Acquisitions, Rentals, and Leases (Buildings, Land)

    • Temporary Personnel and Staffing Services (General Staff, Licensed Mental Health Providers)

    • Virtual Online Schools, Classrooms, and Professional Courses

    • Waste and Recycling Materials Management 

    Monica Schuerr-Howden, CPPB, NIGP-CPP, MBA
    Assistant Director of Procurement and Contracts
    Phone: (775) 850-8024  Email: MSchuerr@washoeschools.net

    • Environmental, Sampling, and Testing of Hazardous Materials, and Ecological Services

    • Financial Services (Auditing, Actuarial, Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB), Collections)

    • Forensic and Fingerprinting Services

    • Hazardous Waste Collection and Disposal Services

    • Non-Profits, Utilities, Game Officials/Referees/Umpires, Annual Registrations, Dues, and Fees

    • Prefabricated Buildings, Mobiles, and Modular Structures

    • Professional Consultants Services for Construction/Public Works-Related (Architectural, Engineering, Special Testing, Project Management)

    • Recycling for Metal, Scraps, Batteries, Light Bulbs, and Non-Hazardous Materials

    • Recycling of Electronic and Information Technology-Related Equipment (Electronic Waste (E-Waste), Televisions, Activboards, Computers, Tablets, Cell Phones)

    • School Police Security Access Equipment (Body Cameras, Ammunition, Firearms Training)

    • School Police Uniforms and Apparel, Accessories, Equipment, and Supplies

    Sunshine Long-Anderson
    Buyer II
    Phone: (775) 850-8055  Email: S.LongAnderson@washoeschools.net 

    •  Activboards and Interactive Whiteboards, Document Cameras, and Projectors (including replacement lamps and bulbs)

    • Audio Visual Equipment, Sound Amplification Systems, Radios, Televisions, and Related Equipment 

    • Classroom Science Kits (e.g., Full Option Science Systems (FOSS))

    • Computer Software, Web-based Platform Subscriptions, and Mobile Apps

    • Curriculum Testing and Assessment Programs, including Software, Online and Web-Based Applications

    • Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Services, Software, Equipment, and Supplies

    • Management Services of Software Applications, Systems, and Automation

    • Online Contract Review (Digital Tools)

    • Photography Equipment, Cameras, Photo Identification Systems, Accessories, and Supplies

    • Radio and Telecommunication Testing, Measuring, Calibrators, Equipment, Supplies, and Repair Services

    • Services for Data Processing and Computer Programming

    • Software-Related Management Programs (Student Information, Data Assessment, Visitor Management, Library Services)

    • Telecommunication Services (Internet, Wide Area Network (WAN))

    • Telephone, Cellular Phone, and Two-Way Radio Equipment, Services and Supplies

    • Voice Response Systems

    Lorie Ramirez
    Buyer II
    Phone: (775) 850-8031  Email: Lorie.Ramirez@washoeschools.net

    • Air Compressor Products and Supplies

    • Air Conditioning, Heat and Ventilation (HVAC) Equipment, Supplies, Filters, and Services

    • Backflow Prevention Testing, Maintenance, Repair, and Cross-Connection Services

    • Building and Facilities Maintenance, Equipment, Equipment Installation, and Repair Services

    • Bulk Fuel, Propane, Gasoline, and Diesel

    • Charter Bus Services

    • Chiller and Boiler Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance Services

    • Concrete and Fencing Equipment and Installation

    • Electrical Equipment and Components, Batteries, Ballasts, and Light Fixtures (LED)

    • Elevator Equipment, Maintenance, and Repair Services

    • Emergency Eye Wash and Shower Testing, Maintenance, and Repairs

    • Fire Extinguishers and Hazard Fire Protection Equipment (Ansul) Maintenance and Repair Services

    • Fleet Towing Services

    • Floor Covering (Carpet, Tile, Linoleum, Laminate, Natural Stone), Installation and Removal Equipment, Products, Supplies, and Services

    • Fuel Dispensing and Card Lock Systems

    • Furniture, Cabinets, and Related Products, Equipment, Installation, and Relocation Services (Office, School, Classroom, Library, Lounge)

    • General Hardware and Tools, Locks/Keys Hardware, and HazMat Equipment (HEPA)

    • Glass Repair, Products, and Installation for Buildings and Vehicles (Standard and Emergency)

    • Grounds Maintenance Equipment, Products, and Supplies (Lawn, Landscaping, Fertilizer, Sod, Snow, and Ice Melt)

    • Lubrication Products (Oil, Grease, both Penetrating and Dry)

    • Maintenance and Repair Services for Vehicles, Automobiles, Trucks, Buses, and Trailer Equipment

    • Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) Equipment, Parts, and Supplies

    • Maintenance, Transportation, and Industrial Uniforms and Similar Work-Related Apparel

    • Paint and Painting Equipment, Products, and Supplies

    • Playground/Park Equipment, Bleachers, Grandstands, Stadium Seating Structures Products, and Installation Services

    • Plumbing, Pumping, and Irrigation Services

    • Scoreboards (Standard, Custom, and Digital)

    • Snow Removal, Striping and Sealing of Pavement Services

    • Transportation and Vehicle Maintenance Related Products and Services, including Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services (Shop Towels, Rags, Floor Mats)

    • Transportation and Vehicle Parts, Supplies, and Products (Batteries, Tires, Tubes, Plugs, Belts)

    • Vehicles, Automobiles, Trucks, Buses, Trailers, and Heavy Equipment (Forklifts)

    • Water and Wastewater Treatments and Chemicals

    Gretchen Seiders
    Buyer II
    Phone: (775) 850-8033  Email: Gretchen.Seiders@washoeschools.net

    • Art, Crafts, Classroom Instructional Aids, and Supplies

    • Athletic Equipment, Physical Education (PE) Equipment, Sporting Goods Equipment, Accessories and Supplies

    • Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Equipment, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Safety, First Aid, Student, and School Health-Related Equipment, Supplies, and Services

    • Central Warehouse Inventory Products for Washoe County School District

    • Copiers (Color, Black and White) and Digital Duplicators, Supplies, and Maintenance, and Repair Services

    • Hand Soap and Dispensers, Toilet Paper and Paper Towels, and Dispensers Products

    • Housekeeping, Janitorial, Custodial, Products, Supplies, and Equipment (Cleaners, Disinfectants, Mops, Brooms, Furniture Polishes)

    • Housekeeping, Janitorial, Custodial Services

    • Maintenance and Repair Services of Athletic Equipment 

    • Maintenance and Repair Services of Musical Instruments

    • Musical Instruments and Related Equipment and Furniture

    • Printing and Document Reproduction Services

    • Receptacle and Trash Can Liners

    • Uniforms and Apparel for Athletic, Physical Education (PE), and Band Programs

    Jake Broesel
    Buyer I
    Phone: (775) 325-8502  Email: Jacob.Broesel@washoeschools.net

    •  Architectural and Engineering Supplies (Drawing Instruments, Graphic Plotters)

    • Books (Curriculum, Text, Library, Professional, Braille, Bi-Lingual and Multi-Lingual, Audio)

    • Bookbinding and Book Repair Services 

    • Bottled Water, Coolers, Hydration Stations Equipment, and Services

    • Burglar and Fire Alarm Systems and Services 

    • Computer Hardware and Related Equipment, Materials, Products, Accessories, and Services 

    • Connex and Large Shipping and Disposal Container Equipment and Services

    • Culinary, Kitchen, Nutrition Services, Baking Equipment, Appliances, Related Supplies, and Products 

    • Document Storage and Destruction and Shredding Services

    • Electrical Cables, Wires, and Various Infrastructure Materials 

    • Floor Cleaning Equipment, Products, and Supplies (Floor Scrubbers and Pads, Gym Floor Wax, Polishes)

    • General Services for Travel, Lodging, Hotels, Rental of Venues and Conference Rooms, Amusement Park Visits, Vehicle Rentals

    • Magazines, Newspapers, Periodicals, Publications, Subscriptions

    • Novelties, Trophies, Badges, Custom Rubber Stamps 

    • Office and School Supplies

    • Pest Management Services, Weed Control, and Vegetation Management (Insecticide Spraying) 

    • Portable Restrooms, Toilets, Showers, and Hand Washing Stations (e.g., Sani-Hut, Porta-Potty, etc.) 

    • Printers (including 3-dimension (3D) Printers), Scanners, and Various Office Machines (NOT COPIERS)

    • Rental of Storage and Warehouse Units, Moving Supplies, and Temporary Moving and Relocation Services 

    • Rental of Trucks, Trailers, and Heavy-Duty Equipment 

    • Theater Related Supplies, Props, Stage Gear, Drapery, Curtains and Costumes, Theatrical and Musical Production Playwrights

    • Vacuum Parts and Repair Services

    • Vinyl Banners and Building Signs (Non-Fixed to Structures) 

    • Welding Equipment, Gases, and Related Products and Supplies

    Dawn Allshouse, CPPB, NIGP-CPP
    Buyer II
    Phone: (775) 850-8026  Email: Dawn.Allshouse@washoeschools.net

    • Capital Projects and Public Works Related Procurement

    Aprile Anderson
    Buyer II
    Phone: (775) 789-3830  Email: AMAnderson@washoeschools.net

    • Capital Projects and Public Works Related Procurement

    Tony Eleen
    Buyer II
    Phone: (775) 789-3824  Email: Anthony.Eleen@washoeschools.net

    • Capital Projects and Public Works Related Procurement