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    Under the provisions of the McKinney - Vento Act, the WCSD Children in Transition Program (CIT) provides children experiencing homelessness the opportunity to achieve the same high-quality academic standards by eliminating barriers to their education. Homeless Liaisons work closely with an advocate at every school in the district to identify over 3,000 children yearly. Children living in motels, shelters, doubled up, or unaccompanied youth can receive assistance to remove barriers to school enrollment by addressing the following issues: transportation to school, nutrition and health services, and school supplies. The CIT program provides backpacks, school supplies, personal care items, shoes, clothing, and food. Even enrichment activities, such as field trips, sports, and musical instruments can be requested. 



    Students in foster care are entitled to similar rights as students classified as CIT, but foster is not considered a homeless situation and foster students are not CIT eligible. Foster was removed from being classified as CIT in December 2017, but the CIT Program Coordinator oversees foster and there is a specific foster care liaison, Claire Potichkin. WCSD works with Washoe County Human Services Agency to eliminate barriers to education for children in foster care. 


    McKinney Vento versus Foster




    Best interest determination with priority given to wishes of  parent/guardian/UHY (Section I of US Dept. of Ed Guidance)

    School of origin rights/best interest determination

    Placement determined by Best Interest Determination meeting (Child Welfare invites Schools)

    LEA(s) must provide school of origin transportation (Section J of US Dept. of Ed Guidance)

    Right to receive transportation to the school of origin

    Transportation agreements (MOU) between Child Welfare and LEA’s

    Immediate enrollment even without records; school to assist in obtaining records (Section I of US Dept. of Ed Guidance)

    Right to immediate enrollment even without records

    Immediate enrollment; school of origin will release immediately, receiving school will request records immediately

    Local funds, set-aside mandatory for Title I, Part A funds (Section M of US Dept. of Ed Guidance), McKinney-Vento sub-grant. Consider Title II and Title IV.

    Funding sources

    Title I, Part A of the ESSA (for additional costs only)

    Title IV, Part E of the Social Security Act (matching requirement).

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  • Children in Transition Staff

    • Brittney Kucera - Children in Transition & Foster Program Coordinator 
    • Monica Ayala - Middle School Homeless Liaison 
      775-353-6941, mayala
    • Nicole Dutra - Elementary Zones 3&4 and Early Childhood Homeless Liaison
    • Rachel Espin - Transportation Liaison
    • Gina Gandolfo - Elementary Zones 1&2 Homeless Liaison
    • Olga Stanton - Homeless Liaison
    • Tori Vohland - High School Homeless Liaison

    Foster Staff

    • Brittney Kucera - CIT/Foster Program Coordinator 
    • Claire Potichkin - Foster Care Liaison
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