• Dress Code


    This Page Cannot Address Every Possible Violation. All Dress Code Issues Are Based On The Guidelines Below, But Ultimately Subject To The Campus Administrator’s Judgement.
    • Uniforms must be worn during regular school hours.
    • All Reed High School Students must wear the appropriate uniform. Specific exceptions can be reviewed by the principal in case of religious-based concerns.
    • Uniforms which are worn as a requirement for an academic program, (i.e. JROTC, certain internships and Signature Academies) are permitted.
    • Uniforms may be purchased at Kate’s Logos 1221 W. 2nd Street, Reno.
    • Kate's Logos
    Reed High School Uniform Policy
    Uniform Tops 
    • Uniform Top Must Be a Reed Polo Shirt (Shield R), Or A Blank Polo With No Logos or Wording.
    • Uniform tops may be blue, yellow, white, or black.
    • Uniform may have the school logo and school name. No other language shall exist on the uniform that is not specific to the school name and the mascot.
    • Polo shirt may be completely blank and may not have logos or designs, but must be in the above colors.
    • Long sleeved shirts may be worn UNDER the uniform polo, but they must be solid black, white, blue, or yellow.
     Uniform Bottoms 
    • Uniform Bottoms Must Be Solid Black, Solid Gray Or Solid Khaki.
    • There may be no logos or words.
    • There may not be any faded, stonewashed, acid washed, etc.
    • No designs or patterns of any kind.
    • No holes, rips, tears, or exposed skin.
    • Skirts and shorts must come within 4” of the center of the knee, and must stay there all day.
    • Sagging pants with undergarments showing may not be worn.
    • Tights/leggings may be worn UNDER the uniform, but they must be solid white, blue, black, or yellow.
    • No lace, fishnet, or patterns on tights/leggings.
     Head Coverings 
    • No Head Coverings Of Any Kind Are Allowed. Hats / Visors Cannot Be Carried, They Must Be Out Of Sight.
    • All head coverings must be placed in your backpack before entering the building. It will be confiscated if it is on your head or in your hand.
    • A parent/guardian will be requested to pick it up. It will not be returned to the student.
    • No sunglasses are allowed in the school building.
     Important Notes On Uniforms At Reed High School
    • Reed High School’s uniform policy does not contain content based exceptions to the uniform. Such allowances only occur on “Spirit Day” Fridays when no student is mandated to wear the student uniform.
    • Other free days may be granted by the principal in the case of homecoming or other dress-up occasions.
    • On free dress days students are expected to follow WCSD guidelines for dress-code.
    • Content based exceptions to the uniform policy include, but are not limited to:
            - Team clothing (i.e. football jerseys)
            - Uniforms of outside organizations in lieu of the school uniform
              (i.e. Boy Scout uniform)
    • ROTC uniforms are acceptable since they are a requirement of the program.
    • Hats, or head coverings are not allowed unless approved for religious or health reasons by the principal.
    • Students may wear jackets, sweatshirts, or any other warm clothing of their choice OVER THEIR SCHOOL UNIFORMS, as long as that clothing is appropriate for the school setting.