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    Welcome to the Early Childhood Education Center at Hug High School!  You can reach our staff by calling 321-3200 and using the extension numbers listed below.  To reach a staff member via email, please click on the name of the staff member you would like to reach.
    Name   Extension
    Pre-K Enrollment Specialist  31205
     Irma Acuna 31211 
     Jana Barclay 31207 
    Brenda Martinez  31208 
    Angelica Morales  31210 
    Lisa Morandi  31211 
    Marie Rowe  31209 
    Jenna Sampson 31206 
    Tori Tennant  31206 
    Mayra Tinoco 31208


    You may also call us at our office number:  321-3225.  Please use the option # below to reach individuals

    1 Spanish Pre-K Enrollment

    2 English Enrollment

    3 Janna Barclay

    4 Mayra Tinoco and Brenda Martinez

    5 Marie Rowe

    6 Angelica Morales

    7 Lisa Morandi, Marie Rowe and Irma Acuna

    8 Tori Tennant