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    Our mission at SVES is to make sure homework is a pleasurable and family time activity. Children today need more time for play and outside activities rather than spend another one or two hours after school doing more school work. The homework we send promises to be stress free and not graded. If your child is struggling and you want more math problems or extra, just ask the teacher. Below is what to expect from your teachers for homework:


    • HW will not be graded.

    • HW will be choice, not required.

    • HW may be rewarded in class by full class not individual basis.

    • HW should be a fun, family time and the choices given to students will reflect this philosophy.

    • We want students reading, but we want them to read because they love to read, not because they have to.

    • We want you reading with your child. It is important. Students that read at home with parents or individually are more successful at school.

    • Math homework should be authentic around every day uses of math.

    • Math homework will revolve around games and authentic uses of math.

    • On occasion there may be projects that need some attention at home, but it will be seldom and the student will not be punished if the work does not get done at home.