About Scheduled Online Courses

  • A link to the MyPGS course registration page is located below each course description.

    You are required to complete all of the coursework on the scheduled class date(s). You may do the coursework at any time of the day as long as it is done on the scheduled date. 

    You will complete your course in the SkillPort system. Use your own internet-enabled device to take the course. SkillPort's system requirement information is located at http://support.skillsoft.com.

    Before the start date, the Department of Professional Growth Systems will email your SkillPort account information to your WCSD email address. After you have received your account information, you may sign in to you SkillPort account at https://espwcsd.skillport.com. Click on "Learning Plan" to take the course.  

Compensation Options

  • ESP Financial Compensation (general-funded positions only): This option is available for ESPs in general-funded positions who complete designated online classes on specific scheduled dates. Pay is provided at the employee’s hourly pay rate as the work occurs. ESPs will be compensated for the expected duration of the course even if the actual duration runs longer than expected.

    ESP Certificate (grant-funded and special education-funded positions): ESPs in grant-funded and special education-funded positions are required to select "ESP Certificate". Special Education funds and Grant funds, federal or state, cannot be used to provide compensation for attending elective courses unless the course has been approved by the U.S. Department of Education and the Nevada Department of Education and/or the employee is required to attend the course.