• Countdown to Graduation 2016


  • Emma Klacking, Galena High School 6/3/2016



    Next year, I’m going to UNR to study bio-technology. Both my Mom and my brother passed away due to cancer, so cancer research was always a part of my life… All of that made me want to focus on it and do my part, for what I could.”

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  • Andrew Harding, Picollo School 6/2/2016



    Principal Matt Burak: “Andrew doesn’t talk, but he speaks volumes with his facial expressions. He’s one of the most pleasant kids in the entire school. He has an enchanting smile, and I think the staff just adores Andrew.”

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  • Yvonne Garland, Rise Academy for Adult Achievement 6/1/2016



    “I’ve enjoyed the teachers. They’re so much help. They work with your schedule. It’s really great to know that even if you make a little mistake, they’re there to help you—it’s not a big deal. It’s really fantastic to know that I can come to school and feel wanted.”

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  • Jonah Vandever, McQueen High School 5/31/2016



    I plan on doing either of two options: One is to become a prosthetist, which is someone who deals with people who have lost limbs from war or an accident. And then my other option would probably be to become a motivational speaker, go and travel the world and tell people my story.”;

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  • Nikki Hamada, Reno High School 1/27/2016



    “I’m I’d say Advanced Placement Statistics is one of my favorite classes right now, because it’s challenged me a lot and pushed me to my best abilities that I didn’t even know were possible.”

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  • Nicholas Gregg, Reed High School 1/26/2016



    “I’m playing football next year at Nevada, and getting my degree in web design. I want to see where life takes me.”

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  • Kaitlyn McKenna, North Star Online School 5/25/2016


     “I am going to study anthropology at UNR… I hope to get a job somewhere within the anthropology/archeology field. But my number one goal is to find a career that I love.”

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  • Terrell Tissychy-Ortero, Spanish Springs High School 5/24/2016


    “After graduation, I’m going to go into TMCC and start studying psychology. My big goal in the future is to become a researcher in neuroscience, cognitive, behavior, something in that area.”


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  • Mabel Sedano, Sparks High School 5/23/2016


     “The most challenging thing would probably be all the homework I had. Sometimes I would stay up until 2 in the morning, finishing assignments. But it was worth it.”

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  • Michael Guymon Incline High School 5/20/2016


    “I’ve always been interested in sciences, medical and biology and all that, so it’s something that just kind of interests me. Here on the school front, I have help from all of my teachers. All of my teachers have been incredibly helpful. I definitely wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for their help.”

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