• Middle School Supply List 6th 7th and 8th Grade


                Your middle school student will be accountable for bringing the following supplies for the next school year. In following the traditional Middle School Model, your child will be responsible for having their own materials needed for all subject areas, as they will not be provided in the classrooms.

    • 3 packages of #2 pencils (1 to be kept in each classroom, 2 for personal use)
    • Two 1.5” binders
    • 1 pkg. subject dividers for binder
    • 1 package of lined notebook filler paper
    • One good pair of scissors
    • 2-3 highlighters
    • 3-4 glue sticks
    • Colored pencils and markers
    • Two boxes of Kleenex for homeroom classroom
    • One package of disinfecting wipes for homeroom classroom

                To ensure success, your students will need these materials the first day of school. If they run low on these supplies during the year, it is a parent responsibility to provide additional supplies, as there will not be classroom supplies provided by the school or teachers in the class.


    Ms. Carlson, Ms. Dean, Mr. Sieiro, Ms. Siemer, and Mr. Watson


    Rev. 7/14/21