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    Building Instead of Buying: How Our Investment in Leadership Development  Has Worked for Employee Retention

    The purpose of the WCSD Leadership Development Program is to build the capacity of school-based and central office leaders through a system of high quality professional learning and mentoring experiences that continually improves their competence and effectiveness as executives leading schools in the 21st century. 


    WCSD Academy Meeting Dates

         Formerly known as Lead, Teach, Learn (LTL)



    Updates to the programming and schedule will be coming Fall 2022. Please continue to check back for updates. 
    NOTE: Due to limited substitute availability, we are unable to accept applicants who require a substitute to attend.  Nevada Leads members will need to apply and be accepted in order to participate.
    McRel Balanced Leadership
    The McRel Balanced Leadership Series focuses on high-leverage leadership strategies and solutions to lead schools in this dynamic time of change.  McRel International is recognized as a leader in educational research and development.  The series of courses will assist you in learning about leadership as it relates to building relationships, managing change, and focusing on what matters most.  

    Click on the links below to register for the courses in MyPGS:


    **Not yet updated for the 22-23 school year.**


    If you have any questions about the McRel Balanced Leadership series please contact  our Leadership Development Coordinator, Amy Wright.  


    Skillsoft Leadership Development Program (SLDP)

    This program makes extensive use of scenarios and behavioral demonstrations for fully contextualized leadership development. This instructional approach leverages a common set of characters, including a “leader mentor,” throughout the portfolio of leadership courses. The use of high-impact drama and pragmatic storytelling within the scenarios encourages engagement and retention by stimulating the emotional side of the brain.

    This course is for principals, assistant principals, deans and district administrators.

    Click on the following link to register for the course in MyPGS:

         Skillsoft Leadership Development Program


    Leadership Pathway Project (LPP)

    • This project is designed to develop and strengthen building leaders to ultimately support student success. In response to the surging educator shortage, the LPP will allow the District to provide training, mentorship, and experiential learning opportunities to build the capacity of educators as current and future school administrators to ensure student success as instructional leaders. The LPP is a partnership between the Office of Human Resources and the Office of School Leadership ensuring the preparation of leaders skilled in situational, organizational, and systems leadership in support of academics, operations, and personnel.

    Key components of the LPP include:

    • Development of a comprehensive leadership profile for successful Administrators to be used in hiring and ongoing performance development.
    • Creation of additional positions (Deans) that will allow for experiential learning and practical application of LPP content.
    • Redesign and expansion of the Washoe Academy of School Leaders program to include position-specific “Academies” (i.e., Dean Academy, Assistant Principal Academy, Principal Academy).
    • Implementation of professional learning requirements for current Administrators to ensure continued leadership and mentorship capacity building.
    • Mentorship for novice and experienced school administrators.

    Office of School Leadership in partnership with Human Resources will collaborate on the LPP. Examples of courses educators will participate:

    • Effectively Leading People
    • Culture and Community Building
    • Crisis Management
    • Performance Evaluation and Development 
    • Managing Student Behavior, Discipline, and Investigations
    • Labor Relations and Contracts
    • Operations Management (Central Services Processes and Requirements)




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