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    Fourth Grade Supply List     Mr. Stosic

     Your child will need the following supplies this year:

     ** Please write your child’s name on the following items:

    1.  Backpack

     2.  lunch box (if your child will be bringing his or her own lunch)

    3.   1  1 inch 3 ring view binder

     4.  1 zippered pencil pouch

     5.  1 Spacemaker pencil box

    6.  2 pink erasers

    7.  1 pair of scissors

    8.  1 - 2 highlighters

    9.  1 - 2 dry erase markers – low odor please 

    ** Please NO names on the following items: These supplies will be shared by everyone in the class.

    10.  boxes of Ticonderoga #2 pencils

    11.  boxes of Crayola crayons

    12.  boxes of Crayola washable colored markers

    I prefer the Crayola brand for materials if possible.  They are of the best quality and are very dependable in coloring the correct colors.  I also prefer the Ticonderoga pencils as they are the highest quality that we have used.  Thank you!



    13. box of colored pencils

    14. 1 box of tissue

    15. $10 school class supply fee

    This supply fee is used for any additional supplies used by the whole class such as white glue refills, composition books, art supplies, and sending items to be printed throughout the year. If you cannot provide the $10.00, any amount you can donate is appreciated.

     The following supplies need to be available at home to complete weekly homework:

    1.    Pencils

    2.    Crayons

    3.    Scissors

    4.    Glue