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    First Grade School Supply List


    *1package of Expo Dry erase markers- low odor please

    *glue sticks – pack of 3 or more 

    *2 bottles of white school glue

    *3 packages of regular yellow school pencils, unprinted

    *2 BIG boxes of Kleenex

    *Pencil box for your child’s supplies

    *Markers (optional)

    ** $10.00 for classroom special activity and supply fund. 

    *A package of large pink pencil erasers

    * 1 sturdy, non-plastic folder with pockets.  Mead Five Star is the best.    This will be your child’s writing folder to use in class.

     A sturdy water bottle for your child to use at school.

    We do many activities throughout the year, so please send school supplies and class fee as soon as possible.

     Thank you so very much!