Downloading a Course Transcript

  • If desired, you may print a paper copy of your course transcript or save it as a PDF file. 

    To generate a course transcript:

    • Go to and sign in to your account using your WCSD login credentials.
    • Scroll to the section labeled Courses Enrolled. (This is located on both the Home tab and the Professional Learning tab.)
    • Click the My Transcript button. You can now use the tabs or other search features to sort or filter your transcript based on compensation type or course date.
    • Click the Print button to open the Print dialog box. In the Destination field, click the down arrow and select a printer to print a paper copy. Alternatively, you can choose Save to PDF to create a digital copy of your transcript.

    Only completed courses taken through the MyPGS registration system will appear on this transcript. Incomplete courses and courses taken outside of WCSD will not appear.

Generating a course transcript
Printer Dialog Box
Print to PDF Dialog Box